Wright Marshall Launch Auction House Cheshire

It is with great excitement that we announce that here at Wright Marshall, we have successfully secured the franchise to operate Auction House Cheshire!


Auction House is the UK’s number one residential property auction house groups, and sells more properties than any other auctioneer. The Cheshire franchise will manage all property auctions for the group, and we will be holding our first auction in May.


We’ll be auctioning a wide range of properties including residential, commercial and agricultural lots, as well as building plots, conversions, land and investments which can be sold to private individuals as well as companies and professionals – there will be property opportunities for everyone.


Our reach will cover the whole of Cheshire and parts of North East Wales, including Flintshire and Wrexham.


So how does buying a property through Auction House Cheshire differ from buying through the traditional private treaty? Rather than individual booked viewings, we will be holding open viewings throughout a property’s 5-week marketing period, which will give you a chance to take a look around a lot before it goes under the hammer. Then, we’ll host the auction itself at The Macdonald Portal Golf Club in Tarporley where you can bid for the property of your dreams.


The team will be headed up by our very own Mark Egerton. Mark has been with us for 10 years, most recently managing our Chester office, and has over 20 years’ experience in all property disciplines. Mark will be supported by Melissa Furber, who has spent more than seven years with us at our Whitchurch office.


Fancy having a look at our current properties which will be going up for sale in our next auction? Check out our Auction House Cheshire website here.

Bring Your Garden to Life

We may be coming to the end of National Gardening Week in the UK, but our fingers have never felt greener! We’re looking at the best plants to start growing and nurturing in your garden this April…


It’s a great time for root vegetables to be out and about in the garden, so get your parsnips, swedes and turnips into the ground. They may seem like more wintery vegetables, but roasted in small chunks with sweet honey and rosemary and served with a sprinkling of feta cheese, they make a great (and healthier) alternative to fries or potato salad at your next barbeque.


If you’re looking to step away from the pre-packaged salad aisle at the supermarket, April is also a great month to start growing your own salad bowl. You can begin to sow beetroot seeds directly outdoors, as well as lettuces, spinach, kale and spring onions.


A vegetable which has been growing steadily (no pun intended) in popularity is the artichoke. Now is the perfect time to start directly sowing globe artichokes – which are a hardier variety of artichoke and produces beautiful heavy globe-shaped heads. The tender centres of artichokes (often referred to as the ‘hearts’) can be marinated and preserved, and are ideal as part of a summer antipasti platter on the patio to celebrate the warmer nights – check out this great recipe.


Fruit can be a little harder to grow in UK climates, but that doesn’t mean to have to go without! The best April fruit to plant is strawberry plants. Strawberry plants are so versatile – all they need is sun, shelter and fertile, well-drained soil, and you have one of the nation’s favourite sweet berries! Make sure you pick a patch away from any winds as the plants are rather delicate when they are first planted directly into the soil, and consider covering them with some wire netting as birds can’t resist the ripe, juicy fruits!


If you’re looking to bring some more flora into your garden to brighten up your outside space, it’s time to start planting some flowers. If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, you can start to sow the seeds for everyone’s favourite: sunflowers! Whether you’re eight or eighty, seeing mighty sunflowers growing tall over the walls of gardens are guaranteed to bring a smile to any face.


An increasingly popular type of flower to grow is wild flowers. These can be sown directly outside without the use of a greenhouse, and they’re perfect for those who want a more natural look with their flowers. A mix of wildflower seeds will bring a huge variety of colours and textures, and they will also encourage bees, butterflies and other wildlife into your garden.

What’s Going On In Chester this April?

The clocks have sprung forward, the warmer weather is (slowly but surely) setting in and we have our next bank holiday to look forward to very soon. But don’t be thinking your social calendar will be looking sparse until Easter – because although small, the historic city of Chester has some big events to look forward to over April.

If the warmer weather has got you reminiscing about your last getaway and dreaming of the upcoming summer with those well-deserved holiday breaks, then be sure to visit the Chester Travel Connection event. In partnership with The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, they have organised a four day event until the 2nd April to inspire future holiday goers with information on the latest must-see destinations and cruises.

For the couples whose budget won’t stretch as far as a holiday because it’s gathering in the wedding fund pot – don’t worry! At the beginning of April, Chester’s largest wedding event will be returning to the city once more. With free entry, parking, a complimentary glass of fizz and a goody bag for all brides, what’s not to love?! With over eighty exhibitors, an inflatable pub and live music, it’s an enjoyable day out for the entire wedding party.  So, if you’re a bride and/or groom-to-be, make sure you start April in the right way, with a trip down Newton Lane, Chester!

For the foodie fans, Chester will be hosting the giant Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle festival over the Easter weekend – perfect for those who don’t want to spend the bank holiday surrounded by chocolate and only chocolate! Sample some of Cheshire’s finest ciders and cheeses at the Pavilion on the Racecourse, as well as dry cured meats from our Welsh neighbours. Outside, an array of stone-baked pizzas and coffee will be available, whilst the Academy of Culinary Arts assists children in mastering the art of cooking.

The festival also features a ‘restaurant village’, where visitors can take a trip into almost every culture, with delicious Thai, Japanese, Italian and Mongolian dishes ready to be enjoyed. Or, if you much prefer the taste of home, make your way to the Taste Cheshire Village, before heading to the lifestyle section where you will find art, cooking demonstrations and drink exhibitors.

For an evening of food, be sure to pay a visit to the newly refurbed restaurants of Chester, which includes the Parisian styled Côte Brasserie, the Slug and Lettuce and Piccolino’s – which is now home to a Prosecco bar (amazing!), complete with cicchetti savoury snacks.

If, however, you are after a chocolatey weekend over Easter, head to the city to give the Easter egg hunt a go! With thirty businesses, including Lush, Matt Hatters and the Old Sweet Shop all in on the hunt, it’s a great day out for the kids (adults too – we’re sure no one would judge you if you went along child-free). Prizes are also on the cards, including two Build-a-Bear Easter rabbits – although this one may be more suitable for the children! Get involved anytime between the 1st April and the 23rd.

Finally, for the theatre fanatics amongst us, Chester will be introducing ‘The Lost Boy’, a heart-warming story of a refugee who changed an English town forever, at St Mary’s Creative Space towards the end of April. Grab some popcorn and some tickets and enjoy an evening out.

The city will be vibrant with culture and community across April as the upcoming events take place. There truly is something for everyone, so make the most of the planned activities as the warm weather finally arrives in the UK.

Diamonds are a girls best friend – April’s birthstone

April – The month of the diamond

April is represented by the most exquisite gem, meaning it’s probably the best month (in terms of birthstones!). Out of all jewels, diamonds are one of the most desirable!

Buying a diamond should be an unforgettable experience, especially if you are buying for a loved one. The most important aspect to consider are the 4 C’s; carat weight, cut, colour and clarity. Each of these elements together enable the true worth of a diamond to be justified.

The creation of the ‘4C’s’ meant two very important things: diamond quality could be communicated in a universal language, and diamond customers could know exactly what they were about to purchase.

We’re currently inviting entries for our 1st July Boutique Sale. If you are interested in selling a diamond, to get a free valuation, or simply to understand more about the 4C’s, our Jewellery Specialist, Francesca Garvey FGA, would be delighted to offer some advice. Email:

If diamond is your birth stone, you are very lucky. Be a diamond in the rough, and proudly display your diamond this month!

BBC Bargain Hunt – Transmission Dates

Wright Marshall hosted the crew and participants of Bargain Hunt recently at their prestigious Knutsford Saleroom, this episode from the current series is set to be aired on BBC1 at 12:15pm on Friday 14th April 2017. (Check Radio Times listings as transmission times & dates can often change at the last minute! Don’t forget, you can always catch it on iPlayer for up to 30 days after its transmission date if you miss it or just want to watch it again!)

Anita Manning hosted the show and was joined by Kate Bliss and Jonathan Pratt, Wright Marshall’s very own Nick Hall was auctioneer on the day. For further information click the link below.

Episode 18 Series 46

Don’t forget, episode 17 aired on Friday 7th of April is still available on iplayer

Episode 17 Series 46


Brighten Your Home In Five Simple Steps

Spring is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than with an uplifting update of your most prized possession – your home. Whether you’re hoping to sell or simply wanting to brighten your own living environment, if the walls are lacking vibrancy, the floors are well-trodden and the furniture appears tired, then it’s time to start planning that all-important Spring refresh. But don’t panic – rejuvenating your home needn’t leave your wallet wilting! Find your inner Picasso and paint, make and upcycle. Wondering where to start? Leave that to us – we’ve got the ideas, you just need the equipment.

Grab the paint!

Whether you just need a refreshing top coat or an entire new colour palette, there are no disadvantages to repainting interiors. Not only does it brighten the walls but it also hides and covers scratches and marks – features which would have made the room appear dated and unkempt. Consider your colour palette options prior to painting – choose the right colour and you can stylishly coordinate your furniture with it. Remember that colour often reflects mood, so avoid dark, dreary colours, and opt for brighter shades. If you don’t want anything too painstakingly bright, go for pastels instead.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

With a classic statement mirror or a stunning, shabby chic mirrored cabinet, a room can be instantly brightened. To revitalise the room with reflective surfaces, use glass, mirrors, crystal or even strategic lighting – and none of the options need to be too costly, see what treasures can be unearthed at vintage fairs and charity shops. If the room also boasts large windows, then the two combined will truly transform the interior, look and feel of the room. If you want to utilise reflective surfaces but on a smaller scale, try mirror coasters, photo frames and glass collectibles.

Rearrange furniture

It may sound simple, but a game of musical furniture can completely reinvent a room. Whether you pre-design the layout using specialised computer programmes (largely depending on how strong your inner-interior designer is!) or you’re simply looking to ‘give it a go’, play around with the different arrangement options. If this isn’t proving successful, start with a blank canvas – remove all the furniture before putting it back, piece by piece in a new position.

Bring the outdoors in

Nothing breathes fresh air into a home like botanical accessories do. Adding both colour and texture to your home, many indoor plants no longer require high maintenance, so if you don’t trust yourself to nurture it successfully, we’d suggest investing in pots that hold water reservoirs (yes they exist!). Failing that, there’s always the option of artificial flowers.

The art of upcycling

If you’ve caught the redecorating bug, go one step further and try your hand at upcycling. Not only will this brighten the room, but it will also add a unique personality and quirk to it. Virtually anything can upcycled from old jars and hangers, even through to pieces of old cars! Turn to the internet for inspiration and give it a go.

With these ideas in mind, we’re confident that your home will be brightened and refreshed just in time for the new season, all without putting too much pressure on funds.