Calves, Weanlings & Store Cattle

With an average entry of 500 head every week, we have one of the largest selections of quality rearing calves available, brought in from farms not only from Cheshire, but all its surrounding counties, which attracts a strong company of buyers from all over the UK.

The welfare of our calves is paramount, with pens clean, fully disinfected and deeply bedded with quality straw so calves have ample room to lie down. Our staff handle calves no more than necessary, and Beeston is a ‘non-export’ calf market to comply with producers’ terms in all known milk contracts.

Our monthly catalogued weanling sales at Beeston, for weaned cattle and calves aged 2 to 8 months, regularly attract 220 to 350 head. Accurate cataloguing will make these sales unique, to help promote stock and clearly display details such as Pedigree Sires and Health Status that impact on values. Beeston’s facilities are second-to-none, the animals’ pens having raised beds on deep straw with free movement to minimise stress.

Store cattle
We’re located in the heart of cattle country, and our weekly store and breeding cattle sales are considered the best in the area, attracting buyers and sellers from Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, Yorkshire, Worcestershire and North Wales.

We offer a comprehensive service from pre-sale inspection and promotion through to payment on the day, with accurate data displayed from the rostrum at sale time including ages, sire details, assurance status and bTB/health status.

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