The Two Home Hot Spots

When it comes to selling your home, we all often face the dilemma of whether you spend money on a home you are moving out of, or face the worry that not spending some money on your property may affect its chances in the housing market.  Most of us are time (and budget) restricted so where’s best to focus your efforts when it comes to selling your home?


From our (many years!) of experience, we have come to recognise two ‘hot spots’ of any home in helping achieve that all important sale.  Focussing on these two main ‘hot spots’ will maximise the use of both your time and money.


Coming in at number one, the room most buyers inspect the most closely and ask the most questions about is the kitchen.  Often the focal point for any modern family, a well-appointed kitchen will dramatically increase the value of your home.


Ensure that the kitchen appeals to a wide range of people by keeping colours neutral and materials natural.  Think wood, slate and tiles matched with beiges, greys or browns.  Keep it tidy and simple and make sure all main appliances are up to date and clean.  Often ‘sprucing’ up a kitchen doesn’t need to cost thousands. Repainting the cupboard doors, installing a new light fixture and replacing the blinds can work wonders.


In second place, it’s the bathrooms, in particular, the master bathroom.  Bathrooms are challenging rooms to upgrade from a buyer’s point of view and can cause quite a hassle if out of use for a while.  Because of this, buyers ideally want a bathroom that meets their needs immediately.  Clean lines, his and her sinks as well as soaking baths will all impress a buyer but just ensuring faucets are replaced and the tiles and grout are clean will make a world of difference.  Add some new towel rails, a large mirror and make sure it feels clean.


The rest of the home is still important to give a positive overall impression for the potential buyer.  Most buyer’s want a home that is ready to move into and has a good quality finish.  Ensure paint is touched up, keep surfaces clear of clutter and try and keep rooms neutral.  That way potential buyers can more easily imagine putting their own mark on the property.


And finally, first impressions count.  Make sure the outside of your home looks inviting.  Clean the paths, trim any hedges and clean the windows.  The rest is down to us!

Detox your home – what to de-clutter this January

January is officially here, and it’s that time of year when minds start wandering to thoughts of turning over new leafs and detoxing. So whilst you may be detoxing your body of wine and junk food and your mind of negative thoughts, we think it’s a good idea to extend your January detox to your home too! Writers from around the globe have written about the holistic benefits of organising your home, such as Marie Kondo’s New York Times Number 1 Bestseller ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.’

So here’s little hints and tips from us at Wright Marshall for the best aspects of your home which might benefit from a thorough de-cluttering and organising this January…

  1. There’s no need for CD’s

There are really two main things to ask yourself about your ever-growing box of CD’s. Firstly, when was the last time you actually listened to it? Secondly, why on earth isn’t it on your computer? We live in an amazing age of technology, so why not transfer all your CD’s onto your computer, and clear up an incredible amount of space where your untouched CD’s once lived.

  1. Be brutal with those Christmas presents

We know it can be hard to throw away those ‘I might need this one day’ Christmas presents, but it’s time to be brutally honest. If you’re not going to use it, give it another home. Bin those 3-years-out-of-date biscuits from your Nana, keep the generic presents which you may be able to re-gift later in the year (just make sure to label them so you don’t give them back to the original giver!), and sell anything else – these gifts will be in a home where they’re actually appreciated, and to stop yourself from feeling too guilty you can use the money you get from this to go towards the original gift giver’s next present!

  1. Give in to your inner Pinterest alter-ego

You swore you would never waste your time pouring your pasta, cereals and sugar into mason jars just for the aesthetics, but maybe it’s time to cave. You’ll find you’ll be able to fit so much more into your cupboard with this space-saving method of food storage, rather than stuffing a variety of differently shaped packets and boxes together in a small space. What’s more, how many of you have been rooting around in your top cupboard for something only to knock an open packet of spaghetti or rice over and have it all fall all over the kitchen floor? The secure lids on jars means this will never happen again!


Have you got any other top de-cluttering, organising or space saving tips? We’d love to hear from you – let us know in the comments!