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Moving house before Christmas – 7 things to consider that no one ever warns you about!


Believe it or not, Christmas can be quite a busy time for moving house, and having handed over the keys to quite a few new home owners over the past years we’ve picked up some handy tips along the way.

Moving house is stressful enough without the added pressure of Christmas, so we’ve put together seven important considerations to help you get settled in your new home by Christmas Eve with the presents under the tree and a fridge full of festive goodies.

  1. Be clear on timescales

Timescales are often out of control when moving house and depending on how long the chain is, sometimes you have no choice but to sit tight.  However, you can still communicate your wishes to the Estate Agent and Solicitor who can then communicate these to your buyer/seller on your behalf. Such an approach doesn’t guarantee success, but increases the chance of a successful resolution.

  1. Pick a buyer who’s ready to move

If you’re in the fortunate position where you get a few offers on the table, you may want to consider their position and readiness to move as well as the price they are offering. If your buyer has their own house to sell, make sure it’s under offer before you take yours off the market. A good estate agent will always advise you re the length of a chain and the financial position of an offeror.

  1. Confirm Move Dates in advance

If you know you are going to be moving in December, it’s advisable to confirm the date well in advance. In legal terms, this would mean a gap of time between exchange of contracts and completion. This allows you to book your removals company with certainty and no risk.  Avoid a completion date after the 24thDecember as most removal companies will close during the holidays and not return until the first week in January.

  1. Stock up for Christmas

Try to do all your present buying well in advance – and even have them wrapped so that you don’t have the added stress of Christmas shopping during the crucial stages of your house move.

If you are moving the week of Christmas, be sure to do your Christmas online grocery shop a month in advance and delivered to your new home. This avoids any last-minute turkey dashes on Christmas Eve.

  1. Change of address

Include your new address to friends and relatives when you send out Christmas cards (assuming that you have exchanged contracts!) and contact utility providers the week prior. Broadband and telephone usually have longer lead times to be installed, so should be your first point of call once you have exchanged.

  1. Decorations

If you want your new home looking festive once you’ve moved in, ensure that the decoration packing case is the last box to be loaded into the removals van so you can find it easily.

  1. Childcare

If you have children, it’s a good idea to organise childcare for the day of the move. Christmas is exciting enough, not to mention the thought of their new bedroom. Having your children looked after by someone else will allow you to get on with the move without having over excitable children running around.

If you need help or advice finding a property or moving house over Christmas, contact your nearest Wright Marshall branch >>

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