Money Saving Hacks with Wright Marshall

Are you currently saving money to buy a house but struggling to keep yourself on the path of no extra spending?  We’ve put together a few tips on how you can overcome the temptation, from online spending to nights out – we’ve got some useful tips!


Online Shopping


Are you plagued by those numerous marketing emails that appear in your inbox every day?  Do you struggle with being taken in by “click now for 50% off” emails?  Whilst you’re saving for a house, it might be best to unsubscribe from this type of content.  It’ll be a great way to prevent yourself from adding to your basket just for the sake of the items being cheaper.  Question whether you actually need to buy anything at all and remember that online shopping can tend to lead to higher spending on things you didn’t intend to buy.


Bottled Water


Whilst you’re on your quest to save money, why not kill two birds with one stone by doing your bit for the planet too?  Perhaps think about cutting down on buying bottled water and investing in a re-usable one.  If you’re not a fan of water from the tap, there are plenty of bottles that feature a built-in filter or water infuser bottles, so you can enjoy the flavours of your favourite fruit whilst staying hydrated.  You can feel content with the knowledge that you’re reducing your plastic footprint and also saving money for your house – a win-win situation!


Night Out at Home


We love nothing more than a night out with friends at our favourite bar or restaurant, but if you’re doing it every weekend, it can start to take its toll on your funds.  Take on the challenge of cooking food from your favourite restaurant and invite everyone over – you can have just as good a time at home as you can out.  Some restaurants even have their own recipe books, for example Wagamama have their own recipe book, meaning you can enjoy their Japanese food outside the restaurant walls.


If you’re missing your favourite cocktail bar, why not organise your very own cocktail masterclass from the comfort of your own kitchen.   Get each friend to bring a different ingredient and you’ve got yourself the perfect blend of a night out and night in.  We have no doubt that someone will have a cocktail shaker in the depths of their cupboards to donate for the evening!


Meal Prep


Sometimes preparing your lunch the night before work is the last thing you want to do when you’d just like to curl up with a book or watch your favourite TV programme, but there’s logic behind this idea.  Making your lunch is a cheaper alternative to getting into the habit of relying on local shops and cafés near your office.  There are plenty of recipe books that can help breathe life into the dreary concept of choosing your office lunch!  As a compromise, perhaps treat yourself each month with a visit to your favourite café.


Whilst you’re saving for a house, why not take a look at the whole host of properties we have on offer across Cheshire, North Wales and Derbyshire and or get in touch for more information.