Save Energy, Save Money

Save Energy, Save Money

The beginning of the new year: a universal time where we all feel a little short on cash after festive spending. With the post-festive blues settled in, it certainly doesn’t seem like a wise time to be saving money by cutting down on meals out or trips with friends. So, instead of sitting miserably at home, we’re sharing our 3 top tips on how to save money by cutting down on your energy bills instead!

It’s so much easier than one may think to start seeing those pennies turn into pounds by making some simple lifestyle changes. We’re not going to give you the old tropes we hear every year such as ‘put a jumper on if you’re cold’ and ‘turn off all lights when you leave the house’ (though we will add a version of this) – we’ve heard them all before – but real, achievable changes which can save you money over the weeks, months and years.


As we said, we’re not going to tell you to stick on a jumper and forgo central heating. Of course, it’s not smart to be walking round in shorts and t-shirt with the radiators on full blast, but we all know that sometimes we really do need the heating on! A far more achievable way of saving money on your central heating bills is to only heat the rooms you actually use. If you usually eat in the kitchen, there’s no need to have the radiators on in the dining room until you have guests round; if you tend to spend your evenings in the living room, don’t turn your heating on in the bedroom until an hour before you head to bed.


We promised that light switches would make an appearance! We all know that we should be turning all lights off when you leave the house, but it’s time to really think about whether electricity is always the way to light up your home. When you’re settling down after dinner, why not skip the light switch and reach for the matches and light candles around your living room? Not only will you save on your energy bills, but it will help being the ever-popular cosy hygge feel to your home and help encourage relaxation.


Our final tip is to clean smart! Only put your clothes in the washing machine if you have a full load, and the same goes for the dishwasher. If the dishwasher isn’t quite full by the end of the day, simply wait until the morning so that the breakfast dishes and cups can be put in there too. If you really need one item (best shirt for a meeting, favourite wine glass…), simply wash up by hand! It’ll take a little more time, but will save money in the long run.

So don’t go without your weekend meal out or midweek cinema trip to save money this month, simply be more mindful in how you use energy in your home! If a new home is what you’re saving for this year, why not check out our huge range of current properties?