The Women of Wright Marshall

The Women of Wright Marshall

On the 8th March, the world celebrated ‘International Women’s Day’ – a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. With this celebration in mind, we decided to catch up with some of the brilliant, inspirational women which make up the Wright Marshall team, and get their thoughts on the leading industry issues…

We spoke to Diane Bowler, head of our Crewe office Louise Chapman of our Nantwich branch.


Hello Ladies! How do you think the industry has changes for women over the years?


D: For me, the biggest change I’ve seen over the years is the increase in the number of women who are holding down managerial roles – something which is marvellous to see.


L: I’d agree, there is definitely a higher degree of women working in the industry – though some people are still surprised when a woman turns up for appraisals and manages all aspects of the job! I hope we’ll see the number of women working at senior levels grow; which I personally think will only benefit the industry as women often bring a more sensitive approach which is vital when dealing with matrimonial and probate matters.


What advice would you give to other women looking to work in the property sector?


D: If you have a true passion for property, this is definitely a profession I would recommend. Another fundamental trait one needs is the drive to help other people – buying a home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lives, so you need to be able to empathise with both buyers and vendors throughout the highs and lows of the house selling process.


L: Be tenacious, but also friendly and approachable. You have to know the industry inside out; and multitasking is a very important skill! Be a little different to make you stand out in this competitive market – I personally use humour and a slick of bright lipstick when meeting clients – and a big smile, of course! You can break down barriers instantly by being personable.


What is your favourite thing about working in the property industry?


D: It’s the variety which I love – every day is different. It’s also great to be in an industry that allows you to see your projects straight through to the end – I get a real satisfaction when I have listed a property and it goes through to completion close to the asking price without any problems, and the clients are thrilled with the service provided.


L: For me, it’s the challenge that every day brings. From first time buyer homes to multi million pound properties, each challenge brings the opportunity to learn more. I agree with Diane – being able to see a sale through to completion is really satisfying. It’s a great feeling to help someone through what is a notoriously stressful time – putting a smile on their face can make the world of difference. When buyers and sellers achieve what they set out to, to move house, you are one happy agent!