Resident Property Experts Defends Period Properties

Robert Reed, Head of Wright Marshall’s Tarporley office, has made another appearance on BBC Breakfast News after being invited to discuss the recent figures disclosed from the House Builders Federation (HBF) on the price of restoring older period properties in comparison to new build homes.

As one of the region’s leading estate agents, Robert analysed the HBF’s figures advising that older properties could cost up to £50,000 in restoration to bring up to the quality of buying new – a statement which Robert advised was clumsy and could be misleading.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Robert Reed comments that buying a new home is a case of listening to the heart as well as the head: “Some people love older houses because of the way they look and feel and the original materials.”

When questioned about the figures presented by the HBF, Robert explained; “In my honest view, it was a bit generalised. It implied all new builds are generally perfect and all old houses need over £50,000 spending on them. There will be some older houses who need that amount spent on them, but I think it is wrong to generalise as you might get a period house that’s been renovated extremely well.”

With more than 13 years of experience, Robert is increasingly called upon by media organisations such as the BBC to offer expert advice and insight into all matters relating to property from residential sales, valuations, auctions and tenders through to planning and development as well as land and agricultural sales.

To watch the full interview with Robert, please visit the Wright Marshall Tarporley website.